Saturday, July 30, 2011

My name is Toni....and I love pink flowers in my hair.

I love how delicate and feminine they make me look.

I've been gradually admitting to myself for some time that I love all things cute and dainty and unapologetically pink.

This is not to say I'm opposed to other colors in the rainbow. Indeed, I'm very aware of how flattering red and purple are on me, and I certainly don't shun blue (so long as it's the right shade).

It's just as I've gotten older, I'm finding myself wanting to get more and more in touch with my feminine side in ways that may be seen as problematic by some. After all, not everyone accepts the idea of a black woman wanting to be soft and sweet. Well...I don't care. =p

This is my blog, and it will be a combination of introspection (things I'm learning about myself and what I need) and observation (what I take away from conversations with other people, what is being talked about around the web, etc.)

Thanks for visiting, and any input, as long as it's fruitful and useful is certainly welcome. :)