Saturday, April 6, 2013

Changes coming + I'm tired of trifling black women....

I know, I haven't been active on here for a loooooooooong time, but that's with good reason: I've been tinkering away on a different site. Granted, the theme will be more general than this site, but it will also look better. Also, I'm almost finished with my book. Funny thing is it's NOT the book I set out to write. O_o But I will be done soon and then I can start the editing process. So excited.


Hopefully the site will go live within a month. So excited!

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Some black women are and will always remain their own worst enemies. I've already decided to back off of discussing weight because too many black women want to fight you over it. I feel like at every turn to try and encourage black women to do better and change aspects about themselves that hold them back, there is a lot of noise and resistance. And yet this SAME bunch of black women are walking around confused about "why things aren't happening for them."

I can only shrug at this point. I realize that there is a part of me that loves black women and wants all of us to be as fabulous as I know we all have the potential to be. But then there is the part that says that not all black women are on the same page, are looking out for each other, or will get to the finish line of love and happiness.

And I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. I mean SELF-love and SELF-happiness. Why? Because ultimately they are trifling as hell. And yes I mean that.

If you would rather hem and haw about doing whatever it is you have to do in order to improve your quality of life and the people who you surround yourself with, you are trifling.

If you are one of those black women that freaks out over the idea of having to lose weight but feel comfortable putting down plus-sized men who show interest because they don't look like a male model, you are trifling (and a hypocrite).

If you would rather spend energy fighting people who try encourage you that you CAN do something and act like it's up to those persons to convince you to want or do better for yourself, you are trifling as hell.

And I don't have time for you.

Initially, it was about the weight posts I've participated in, but I think I'm just going to do myself a favor and extend this to all areas where I encounter black women who are dumb as a box of rocks and would rather justify self-defeating attitudes and behaviors than get their heads right. Worrying about these black women is taking away from my own store of positive energy and that's a no-no. Also, it's getting in the way of associating with like-minded black women who are mentally there.

Not perfect, because I've got my wrinkles to iron out, too. But who are about their own happiness and the belief that they can get it and that they have a right to it.

Yep, so this is pretty much declaring that I am done with such women. No arguments, rants, etc. I will put you in the same box I put other black women who start down a laundry list of reasons why the exception is the rule when it comes to weight and fatherlessness. One big box of "if you want to go down that road, bye. But I will not be following you. o/"


Unknown said...

Totally agree with you. You made some good points.

Yolande said...

Good points. I am seeing these types of self-defeating BW all over social media. You tell them to stop having OOW kids: They bash you. Tell them to lose weight: They are offended. Later for them, let them burn.