Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Post, New Blog Coming, New News!

Well it's been awhile, but it's September and I'm back posting like I promised. \o/

Some news:

- I'm creating a new website!

I never intended this website to be so singular in terms of discussion, and though I'm glad people do enjoy a lot of what I write, there's other things I'd like to share and discuss. :) Hopefully the site will be up between late October and November. I'll be moving posts from here to there and closing the blog.

- The book...

Suffered some major setbacks, mainly in the form of my master's thesis.  _o_ I intend to focus all my energy on getting it done and that means much pretty much everything else goes on the back burner for now. Hopefully by the time the site goes up I'll be better able to share what the book will be about and maybe post some excerpts for feedback purposes.

- WTF?!

Maybe it's the recent blue moon but I can't help notice a heightened level of pointless negativity from folks in certain spaces. It makes me sad. I don't expect us to all agree or disagree, but I do wish people would learn when to walk away. We aren't all going to get along, but at the same time there are certain behaviors that are beneath us. And just as I'm learning to shed myself of concern over things that are trivial, I'm hoping the same for others.

You find you figuratively have a lighter load when you drop the weight off your back of so many ridiculous things that shouldn't concern you.

That's all for now. :) Have a great week!

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Flaming_star said...

Looking forward to the new blog. Good luck with the master's thesis, I know the feeling. I'm at the point where trying to get pregnant is permeating everything. It's the number one focus in this house along with trying to stay healthy before pre-conception. It's weird how things can just take over.