Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chris Brown: Enabling and Protecting DBR Black Men and Where It Leads...


As much as I would like to take the name of the above piece of elephant dung out of my mouth forever, the situation simply cannot be ignored, at least not by me.

It's kind of hard to when you've got this psychopath crowing all over Twitter, along with his moronic enablers, about how his "haters" have lost and his having won a shiny piece of metal means he as a person is anything other than a woman beating scumbag. 

Oh, you have a Grammy? How nice. You know who else has a Grammy? Phil Spector. Mr. Spector is currently serving a life sentence for murdering a relatively unknown actress named Lana Clarkson. The man originated the "Wall of Sound" and was hailed as a musical genius, having worked with legendary persons throughout the music industry. And yet he sits in a cell rotting away for murder. 

Why? Because when one violently ends the life of another human being, the talent and awards mean nothing. 

I am making this point clear right now for a few reasons.

First, to congratulate all the simpletons, particularly in the zombie black community for allowing a black man like Chris Brown to so accurately represent everything that is wrong with that community today. To show that a man like this can beat a black woman, get away with a virtual slap on the wrist, and show no remorse for his actions WHATSOEVER. If there was ever proof that a black woman means nothing to the community at large, no matter HOW successful and valuable she is, it was this situation and boy oh boy is it telling. 

Second, there are already rumors going around that Rihanna is possibly interested in getting back with this psychopath. I hope for her own safety and wellbeing she does not. Forget her brand, which will turn to mud as people blame the victim as always for their decisions (Note, it's not uncommon at all for battered women to return to their abuser. Unfortunately, it's a symptom of psychological manipulation). No, I'm convinced that if she or any other woman stays in a relationship with this man, he will kill them.

And it's that second point I really would like to emphasize. We saw him beat the crap out of his girlfriend, a woman a man is expected to love, protect, and respect. Throughout and after the fall-out from that assault, Brown has behaved like he, and not Rihanna was the victim. He has shown no remorse for what he's done and too many people have not asked it of him. He has been allowed to prosper and be supported by people who clearly either don't know any better, or should. In any case, he now firmly has the mentality that HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS. It's clear from his attitude and tweets. And a man like that is FATAL, do you understand me? F - A - T - A - L.

He went through the motions with his anger management; he is clearly not changed in any way, shape, or form. Some people pass his ridiculousness off as youthful aggressive bravado and "swag". If only that were true. Nope, what we're seeing is the beginning of the end. 

Thanks to a reluctance to recognize or treat mental health issues within the BC, and too many people not seeing a problem with Brown's behavior or attitude, his idiocy will go on unchecked until he hurts or kills someone else. And make no mistake, it's gonna happen. It may be tomorrow, it may be decades from now. It may be so far in the future, most people don't really remember the Rihanna assault. But it's going to happen.

I just pray that it's not as bad as I feel it will be. But when one has no value for the life of women and feels no need to treat them with any decency or humanity, it's not that hard to reach a point where killing one isn't an impossibility.

I doubt Rihanna or any other highly susceptible young women will read this blog entry, but I'd really just like to put these thoughts into the universe anyway: Chris Brown is a ticking time-bomb and God help the person or persons around him when it finally goes off. And God help the people who will have to live with themselves knowing they helped create and nourish this monster. 

EDIT: Apparently Brown's publicist got around to telling him that his tweet-fail was probably not a good idea, and he went about deleting his stupid. Unfortunately for him, the internet forgets nothing, and no doubt there are screencaps of his digital vomit all over the place. Not to mention the millions of people who saw his idiocy firsthand. I'm grateful that the mess absolutely confirmed loud and clear what type of person he was to anyone who may have had doubts, so thanks for at least that much, Mr. Brown.

Also going to stick the full crime report in for those who need some perspective as to what kind of man Chris Brown really is.

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