Monday, December 26, 2011

Sabotage with a smile...

Back from a short (?) break. Looking back over my past posts, there is so much I wanted to discuss, but have not had the opportunity. Hopefully, I'll touch on these topics in the new year.

It seems a bit odd that I'm forgoing those topics to touch on this one yet again, but it bears repeating, because it's a form of manipulation that you will see time and again in various BWE related circles.

What I'm talking about is the quiet gentle voice of blatant sabotage and attack. Sounding almost reasonable...but not quite. Seeming to have your best interest at heart...but not quite. Sounding like they are your friend...but not AT ALL.

A lot of you guys I see around various BWE-centric blogs or you have your own, and of course you are probably already aware of what's happening. But for those who aren't, pay close attention to persons who show up, seeming friendly and with a "spirit to participate with and help BW", and then quietly try to navigate you away from your aim. I say again, you have to watch these people CLOSELY because their actions will not be obvious to anyone who is naive or who is not paying attention.

Blatant attacks of BWE bloggers and participants has proven a big fat failure; many of these persons have shown up with overt nonsense and been shutdown rather easily. But some trolls are smarter. Or at least, they have an idea of what's likely to work better.

And that's the extended hand of friendship (with the knife behind their back).

These persons may show up as confused but sincere...while touting questionable reverse logic. They may not offer any alternative beliefs whatsoever, and may comment and reply in ways that make them seem on the same page. That is, until an ideal opportunity presents itself to make their move and to cause harm.

I've actually read about it at other blogs, and have witnessed it first hand: Deliberate sabotage.

This purposeful attempt at undermining these types of blogs and communities is going on right now. I'm not kidding. As I type this, people are perfectly serious in going about ways to "bring down BWE" and every black woman associated with it. To bleed resources back into the zombie community, and to continue to get over on people with their pathetic and flimsy nature.

I can practically see them twirling their mustaches and can only shake my head. I mean it's one part cartoonish and one part pathetic with a final third of "you are completely outside of your mind", thrown together for a truly creepy attempt to hold back motivated black women. It's nothing short of Satanic, no matter how these people try and spin it: They are full of the H-E-L-L they are miserably occupying and will drag others there with them if given half a chance.

Even worse, much of this attack isn't directed at those of us who are staunchly BWE; it's directed at lurkers who are new to what these sort of blogs are about, or fence sitters, unsure of what to believe.

In the end, the lesson remains clear: You can't take everything and everyone at face value; you can't assume that people who only appear nice have your best interest at heart. You simply cannot afford to be fooled.

So to the lurkers and fence-sitters who frequent these spaces: It's ultimately up to you. You can elect to take control of your own life and develop a sane and trustworthy system of support and survival. Or you can allow yourself to be duped into serving as a meal ticket for users and abusers who don't want you to do better for yourself, and will manipulate you anyway they can. It's really up to you.

Read and think critically for yourselves. It's not about being paranoid; it's about being aware. And the more aware you are of the people in your midst, the harder it will be to take advantage of, and manipulate you.


Flaming_star said...

That's why I just go straight for the jugular. No need to speak reasonably to ppl who are unreasonable. They want to fight, heck let's just start out with the fight why waste time. That why the 'real' reason they've showed up gets revealed asap and then they can just hurry up and get banned. Really I try my best to bring the worst out in the troll and usually they always fall for it. One minute they're nice but when you challenge them in an aggressive manner, they lose it every time.

CW said...

OH YES, YES, YES! Please do speak on this!

I only pretend not to notice...Keep up the good work...

Huda said...

sound advice to implement in both your personal and public life.

Toni said...

LOL, Eugenia! I am definitely a fan of the "push the buttons/bring out the crazy" approach. Life is too short to beat around the bush with folks, and if you just call them right out on their nonsense, often, it's just a matter of time before they drop the facade.