Thursday, November 10, 2011

So much for the break: Some nonsense I must speak on....

I made it all of ten days. I feel so accomplished with this whole break from blogging. Only not.

Anyway, there are some things I have to touch on, and since I'm going to try and go back to being on hiatus, I'm going to hit them all in one go if possible:

Joe Paterno and Penn State:

After the university finally realized that their reputation was going to crap in the wake of this child rape scandal, they decided to kick Joe to the curb. And apparently a lot of people are upset about it. I am not one of them.

I think he and everyone else that swept Sandusky's child raping spree under the rug rather than call the police, like any sane, responsible, empathetic human being would, should be in jail.

I do not understand some people being so caught up in thinking that a game is more important that the safety and wellbeing of children, and acknowledging that these people failed to protect them as the idolized members of their community.

I wonder how long it will take these blind sheep to realize by standing behind this scumbag, by delaying his removal and by so many people covering this crime up that their university's reputation is all but done and they will be getting side-eyed until Armageddon for trying to apologize on behalf of anyone who was culpable in this whole mess.


You call. There is an investigation. Charges are filed. That's that.

This "I need all WM to love me or there is no point in dating IR" nonsense:


Listen. Not all WM, non-BM, etc. are going to be attracted to BW. And that's perfectly fine. Because you don't want to be with someone who clearly does not want to be with you.


Sometimes I wonder. After all we do see so many BW weeping over the long-lost BM who have vocally/quietly declared their desire to marry and or date women who are anything but BW, so maybe there's a running theme: BW getting sniffy about and focusing on men who clearly do not want them.

I just do not see the point of this thinking. It's defeatist and therefore the person who adheres to it is doomed.

Wouldn't it be easier, lovelier and far more sensible to be with a man who wants you for who you are rather than worrying about the men who don't? Why fixate on a group that is not in your best interests anyway?

Some women are destined to be miserable because they cannot make decisions based on logical thinking that works in their own best interests. The idea that someone can write off an entire group because the majority may not want to put a ring on it is beyond me. I you seriously intend to be courted by black men with that thinking? Because it's clear that many don't want to marry, and those who are marriage-minded are not uniformly looking at black women. I'll go so far as to say many aren't looking at black women period. This suggests that black women who take an "it's all or nothing" approach with men of various ethnic groups are are already done for.

But if that's what they want and they're ready to be alone, okay I guess. But if not, they need to leave 1 + 100,000,000 = 2 alone. 1+1=2 is where it's at. :D

Being concerned with white racists who won't date you....

I think of it this way:

I am one person. I am not gonna concern myself with millions of men who I'll never meet, never date, will never marry, etc. I don't care if 90% of men hate my guts. I don't care if 95% would never marry me. Because I am one person. 5% vs 1 single woman = odds in my favor for finding the right person. Because all you need is one. Aren't numbers fun?

Don't fixate on what men think on every subject and take a generic viewpoint as the standard. This is regardless of the racial makeup of these men. Because their opinions aren't universal. Think for yourself about yourself and what you want. Your best interests come first.

There was a book in the works. Getting to it...

The fact that my book deals with "procrastination" and I have not written it yet is itself a punch line, but there you go. I know what I want to write, I've just got to take the time and do it. It's national novel writing month and I just opened an account on nanowrimo. Hopefully I'll get my rear in gear and get it done!

Stuff I need to touch on at length:

I mentioned "color-struck" dating where BW assume because their SO isn't black that they can ignore their red flags and this concept of "white knighting" for black men. I'm probably going to expand more on those in the future, and I know I said I'd make another post for one. I've just been busy.

That's all for now. I'll be in touch!


Flaming_star said...

Love it, you just go straight for jugalar, I think the sickos at PSU that just let ppl rape children with impunity, need to have their d!cks chopped off and feed to them. Then we can drag them down the road behind a truck by their pinky toes. You think I'm being too rough...yea I don't think so either. That's the nice suggestion.

The tired every wm must love me. Good gravy, I've seen that sentiment too much. I keep thinking their are some bw with serious inferiority complexes and they shouldn't be dating anyone. I never concentrate on what I don't want, I concentrate on what I want b/c ironically what you concentrate on you will draw to you.

As usual, love your posts.

Toni said...

Thanks, Eugenia!

I just had to speak on it because I've been seeing the news and people having vigils and protesting over this person who had a severe case of lapsed judgment, but I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. I still hope that everyone who let that go on for years, rather than involve the police, finds their way to prison. I really do.

I agree, I never saw the reason for that "they ALL won't like or love me, so what's the point?" mentality. It really does seem like some women focus on this sort of thinking with self-sabotage in mind. It's curious.

Have a great weekend!

RoseA said...

I don't see every WM thinking that every single WW is beautiful. Same for other groups: Not every Asian man is attracted to every Asian woman, Not every Hispanic Man is attracted to every Hispanic woman etc.

They need to realize that all men DON'T love every single type of woman. Quality men date several women, then chose one to marry.

Also, there are personalities that just don't mesh with each other. Not everyone is friends with everyone. So why would everyone be attracted to everyone?