Sunday, October 30, 2011

Young black girls open to interracial relationships...?

...It's more likely than you think.

I'm a wanderer; aside from my visits to BWE related sites, I also travel to sites not remotely centered on black women's issues. And when the topic of interracial dating or love comes up, I've begun to notice that not only are a number of the black female participants open to the idea of interracial relationships, they actually scoff at the idea of being unable to do so because of what members of the black community think, even black men.

"If black guys can date interracially, why can't I?" was the often raised question.

Well, even if they didn't, who gives a crap? It's your life, and you're free to love and be loved by whoever you want.

The idea that this seems to be getting across to a host of younger black women is rather interesting. If more and more younger black girls are considering love on a multi-racial/multi-ethnic scale, could it signal the end of self-imposed restrictions by black women in terms of dating? Are we witnessing a new generation of black girls who aren't interested in the "nothing but a brother" talk?

It's a bit soon to tell, but seeing these sentiments expressed entirely outside of black-centric or even black woman-centric discussion is very intriguing.

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