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Update: What we can learn from the Amber Cole case...

The more I understand the apparent details of the situation, the sadder it becomes:

Alexander Dill of the Examiner writes, "What Amber Cole consented to was a desperate act she thought would win back her ex-boyfriend, who also happened to be her first love. This was an emotionally starved, emotionally lost young lady whose self-esteem had been so severely damaged that she thought this was the only way for her to win back someone she loved. Don't you see the tragedy in that?" (LINK)

So here we have a young girl who had honestly thought that if she did this "love act" for this clearly undeserving young man, he would love her again and things would be the way they were before she had given up the goods. Those of us who are older and wiser folks know that's never the case, but it was a hard lesson that Amber learned the hardest way possible. Not only did things not go back to the way they were, she was videotaped, the video was posted to the internet and you had potentially millions of people watch it.

Allegedly, two of the three boys have been arrested. For what and whether or not the charges stick are something I'll be following closely.

In a perfect non-digital world, making bad decisions would not be immediately followed by being humiliated on a global scale. I should not know who this person is. But I do, and because she's on my mind, it's something I have to deal with.

In a way, this situation has presented either new life lessons or reaffirmed old ones.

What have we learned from this situation?

According to a number of people, you as a victim are responsible for your own victimization; there is no perpetrator.

Wow, I thought the Matrix was blowing minds with "there is no spoon"! Here we saw, "there is no perp". People were lining up to shame this girl, to condemn her, to freak out about the video, while absolutely ignored the fact that there were others involved, that this was taped and uploaded without Amber's permission, and that spreading and watching these videos is a criminal offense. These very real and very logical facts absolutely escaped the attention of these people.

There is no spoon, there is no crime, there is no pre-meditated act of hate and disrespect against a fourteen-year-old girl.

To completely remove the people at fault for a video going viral in the first place requires such an either highly evolved or de-volved level of disconnect it is absolutely frightening.

How in the hell is someone who did not agree to being taped, having that tape uploaded to the internet, and not spreading it around personally responsible for what happened? SOLELY responsible?

Did Amber Cole do something questionable in giving head to this person in front of her peers on school property? Of course! But how her "immoral" behavior manages to dwarf the act of knowingly humiliating this person by filming it and then illegally distributing child pornography is just unbelievable.

We've crossed from the Matrix into the Twilight Zone.

The moment you participate in an act of a sexual nature, you are "grown". Even worse, you are a "whore" and should be treated like one.

I had to pause after writing that because I was nearly physically ill. This is a notion that reeks of opportunities taken to violate children, and to justify continued sexual abuse. She/he is "grown" now having been "spoiled", so it doesn't matter what else is done.

The idea that you could be sexual with a child and suddenly they are an adult is an idea I've heard of peddled in pornography; the notion of sex as a "graduation to adulthood" (often times initiated without the understanding or consent of the person playing the role of the minor).

I don't doubt for an instant that the corrupt rationalizations for incest and child rape that are brushed over and covered up among people of color are to blame for this casual acceptance of early sexuality in children, especially black girls. How else do you explain the notion that a fourteen year old black girl can't be a virgin. Really? Being a fourteen year old virgin is STRANGE?! Not on this side of the Middle Ages.

Also there is the lack of appreciation for the law, which states that Amber Cole is most certainly not grown. If the law of the land says someone isn't an adult, that's all there is to it. And if you choose to act in a way that defies that understanding, guess what? You are going to jail, and I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for you.

When the person who makes the most significant strides to fight for this girl isn't remotely black and isn't part of the ethnic community, that community is DEAD.

I thought about it, really hard, but I'm just going to go ahead and put a sheet over the corpse. The black community is DEAD.



And it's not coming back.

Anna Belle, a woman who has been fighting tirelessly through her blog to remove all links to the video and hold everyone connected to it responsible is definitely not who you would expect the knight in shining armor to look like. I confess, I was stunned. I think she is an amazing human being, who deserves all the accolades a hero is due in this life and the next.

But look at who she is, and who she is not.

She is not black.
She is not a man.
She is not an influential leader in the black community.

She is just a woman who saw something she thought was wrong, and decided she was going to do something about it.

Meanwhile, the greater black populous remains unaware, indifferent, or unable to get past the first "lesson" this situation has taught us.

What further proof do you need that the black community is dead? Would you like to see the body? Just wait. Word is that two of the young men have been arrested. Should they be charged, I expect black speakers and leaders to be out in force to demand their release.

Suddenly, as with other cases concerning rapists, murders, and thieves, we are to stand up for them and demand the justice system respect their civil rights and let them go. Meanwhile the victims are either drug through the mud or become non-existent (I imagine the former will happen to Amber, she's far too visible to simply ignore).

This is what the zombie black community will have come to: Defending scum because that scum is black and the fact that they are black males will forever override the fact that they are scum. Because, according to the zombie black community, it is more important to defend black male scum than to defend and look out for the black female victims of scum, because they are less than and are to be ignored. Black females are only allowed to not be muddied roadkill when there are non-black sources for their victimizations.

To the zombie black community, to be a promiscuous black girl is more evil than being a rapist, a murder, and a thief. To this walking corpse that doesn't know it's dead, these things are less evil and more redeemable than a little girl who trusted someone to love her again if she lowered herself at his command.

Dig a hole and throw dirt. That's all that's left.

So, there you have what we have learned so far from this rather disturbing situation. And no, I won't be putting flowers on the grave. Given what things have come to, they aren't deserved.

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